Are we doing the right things? How to prioritize de most materiality sustainable conditions? And how to communicate our sustainable presentations to our stakeholders?

At this step conducting a materiality assessment can be of great help. This assessment uncovers relevant, social and environmental issues that Slettvoll is facing and prioritizes them according to their importance from an economic, social and environmental point of view. The SDGs can also be included to illustrate how these goals can be used in the process of developing a more sustainable business model.

The materiality assessment looks at what is important for stakeholders and the company, independent of each other. They should then prioritize what is of high importance for both stakeholders and company. An example of a prioritization from each of the SDGs is presented below:

SDG 8 – Responsible supply chain management.

We developed a Code of Conduct in 2015, and it was signed by all our suppliers. This document includes Fairtrade, no use of child labour, no dangerous chemicals, to certify were it is possible and to operate within their country’s regulations. In addition, we are gathering documentation from all suppliers with regards to their certifications and environmental work. Most of their suppliers have certifications, like “Oeko-Tex”, ISO 14001 and “Miljøfyrtårn”. Gathering this information has been very useful and was one of the first thing we got started with.

SDG 12 – Quality design furniture

Slettvoll is known for their high-quality design furniture. The fact that the products are made with such high quality, makes them eligible to be used for a very long time, resulting in less consumption.

SDG 13 – Lower carbon footprints on products services and processes.

We aim to lower our carbon footprint on products, services and processes and are measuring the CO2 imprint of the company. As mentioned in the circular step, we have started calculating EPDs. With regards to the GHG emissions being a great issue in the world society, this would be of high importance for both stakeholders and the company.

SDG 15 – Responsible forest products

Having responsible forest products is of high priority for Slettvoll, which is why we make sure that all our wood used in the furniture is certified, for example with FSC (Forest Stewardship Council).We are also aiming to make use of more sustainable input factors and materials in our production processes.