A Roadmap for Integrating Corporate Social Responsibility into EU Member States and Business Practices (Partner: NTNU, Interreg Europe, 2017-2020)

Road-CSR brings together 7 partners from 7 countries (Cyprus, Greece, Spain, Slovenia, Norway, Italy & the Czech Republic), involving the managing authorities & regional bodies influencing regional and national policy instruments, to help EU member states to apply CSR principles into the core business of SMEs - helping them to become more competitive, sustainable and innovative, and to accomplish long term profitability with social justice and environmental protection. To incorporate CSR principles into SMEs’ business core the project includes a wide range of activities, focusing on promoting the interregional learning process and the exchange of experience among regional authorities. NTNU, Department of Industrial Economics and Technology Management is an advisory partner, sharing experience and research from Norway with the partner regional bodies.

Project resources

CSR in Norway - an overview report of the history of CSR in Norway

Making the business case: The effects of corporate social responsibility on SME competitiveness - a report that outlines the effects of CSR on SMEs’ competitiveness and sustainability, and
provides an overview of the business benefits that may be achieved


Capacity building in Sustainability and Environmental Management (Led by: NTNU, Erasmus+ Program of the EU, 2016-2019)

CapSEM is an interuniversity, curriculum development and industry training project based in environmental management and sustainability principles. It is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Program of the European Union and was implemented from October 2016 through October 2019. Project objectives surround 1) developing sustainability and environmental management curricula at universities that meet local, regional and international needs; 2) developing and hosting industry training seminars that provide companies with practical methods for improving their sustainability and bridge the gap between academia, industry and wider society; and 3) facilitating cooperation between the consortium, industry partners and its stakeholders.

Project resources

Learning material (instructional videos and PowerPoint slides) based on the CapSEM model