The RESTART Framework

The RESTART framework consists of seven factors that can help "restart" any business model. The framework can be categorized into three groups of features.

“RE” – redesign and experimentation – relates to the development that companies are increasingly faced with the need to rede- sign their business models, which in turn necessitates controlled experimentation

“STA” – service-logic, the circular economy and alliances – reflects three central developments in contemporary business modeling for sustainability: the emphasis on services rather than products or functionality rather than ownership, on circular business models rather than linear ones and on alliances and collaboration rather than single companies competing in isolation

“RT” – results and three-dimensionality – relates to the governance and control challenges associated with implementing a sustainable business model, which are crucial for its success

Contrasting the features:

Do not think business-as-usual. Highlight the changes that can make business models smarter and more sustainable:

  1. REDESIGN rather than standstill
  2. EXPERIMENTATION rather than turnaround
  3. SERVICE-LOGIC rather than product-logic
  4. THE CIRCULAR rather than the linear economy
  5. ALLIANCES rather than solo-runs
  6. RESULTS rather than indulgences
  7. THREE-DIMENSIONALITY rather than one-dimensionality

Future business models should:

  1. ...they will require frequent REDESIGN
  2. ...which necessitates controlled EXPERIMENTATION
  3. ...and be characterized by SERVICE-LOGIC
  4. ...based on ideas from THE CIRCULAR economy
  5. ...which will make ALLIANCES even more important
  6. order to achieve the right RESULTS
  7. a world where the scorecard is THREE-DIMENSIONAL

Jørgensen, S., & Pedersen, L. (2018). RESTART Sustainable Business Model Innovation (Palgrave Studies in Sustainable Business In Association with Future Earth). Cham: Springer International Publishing : Imprint: Palgrave Macmillan.

Read more at Jørgensen & Pedersen's website

Restart72 Source: Jørgensen & Pedersen, 2018