The main goal for the Business Hub for Sustainability (BH4S) is to develop knowledge, skills and foster cooperation to transform businesses through business models that contribute to solving the challenges highlighted in the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for 2030.

This will be achieved through 3 subgoals:

1. Create understanding around business models for sustainability

2. Offer processing models and method frameworks to allow for implementation of sustainability strategies consistent with the SDGs

3. Exemplify different business cases for sustainability and make the members of the HUB more visible through these

By adopting sustainable business models (SBMs), businesses will be more resilient in the case of crisis such as the coronavirus, economic crisis and other disturbances in the market - and take a national position as a hub for sustainable business models.

The BH4S-website is designed to help members become more environmentally and economically sustainable and turn this into a competitive advantage in national and international markets. This will add value to their products and services and create attractive work places in the region.

Competitive advantage can be achieved through:

  • Documenting the production processes, the products and strategic measures in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • Reducing materials and emissions by following principles of cleaner production and circularity
  • Designing products so that they are easily repaired, so modules can be re-used, or separated into parts so material can be recycled by the end of life of the product
  • Guiding ESG-reporting by use of indicators that reflects the business case

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