Which partners and alliances can help us reach our goals? Do we have existing partners where there is potential for symbiosis? Can new constellations of cooperation enable us to solve new problems, or to reduce our footprint?

The addressed solutions in Service Logic and The Circular, results in a need to form different alliances. In addition, Slettvoll has a collaboration with Møbelkraft, and new possibilities in ongoing projects that are beneficial for the furniture Industry.

As mentioned in the circulation part, we have started looking into possible alliances that can make use of our excess resources, as Really is an example of. However, as other businesses increase their effort due to sustainable development and transitioning their business models, new alliances will probably appear.

We are on the board with Møbelkraft, which is a corporation that is owned by players in the furniture industry, as well as the public sector. Their goal is to: Develop services and activities that provide inspiration and skills development within the Norwegian furniture and supplier industry. Among other things they have developed 3D knitting that the collaborating businesses can take part in. Another project that they are working on now and of which Slettvoll is a lead partner, is mapping out and getting an overview of relevant environmental regulations and requirements. An environmental management system for the furniture industry. See:

Slettvoll is also a member of Møblefakta, a network for the furniture and interior design industry developed by Norsk Industri. Through our participation we get access to forums, various activities and tools within areas such as environment and quality. For example, companies can take courses and become certified in calculating EPDs. The goal is to achieve a strengthen competitiveness, through network building and increased competence. For more information see: