How can the company integrate sustainability considerations in their value propositions? How can the company deliver its value propositions in a more sustainable way? How can the company charge their customers in other ways?

After experimenting and testing, we would be ready to redesign our business model. This means changing how Slettvoll creates, delivers, and captures value, with the aim of becoming both profitable and sustainable.

Value creation

With our sustainable initiatives, we aim to achieve new key customers, such as environmentally friendly customers, a customer segment which is growing rapidly. We are also planning on attracting more B2B customers. In creating and maintaining the customer relationships a possibility is to develop a customer relationship system as mentioned in Service logic. We will also be communicating and marketing our sustainability efforts.

A new Value proposition can be:

At Slettvoll we offer quality design furniture and sustainable solutions for our environmentally friendly customers. Promoting sustainable consumption and production, protecting the environment.

Capturing value

The new sustainable solutions may result in increased sales, attracting new environmentally friendly customers, as well as reducing costs by using less resources. However, there will also be costs within for example marketing, and IT services.

Delivering value

To deliver the value propositions, we will be working on forming more partnerships with sustainable businesses like Really, contributing to the circularity of resources. Møbelfakta and Møbelkraft are also great partner collaborations for us, sharing knowledge and technology. We will be performing activities such as marketing our green initiatives, calculating EPDs and working on our certifications, constantly working on improvement and measuring our progress, and communicating our efforts.