Positive externalities

    • Slettvoll produce and sell high-quality design furniture. Combined with excellent service, this is something that results in a higher product lifetime and less consumption.
    • We have many local suppliers, and source locally where possible. This creates jobs and results in a lower CO2 imprint with short distance transport.
    • With regards to jobs, we are focused on our factory at Stranda, and not outsource production but rather insource were possible.
    • Some of our suppliers are working on developing more sustainable practices, and we are collecting information from all suppliers regarding their sustainability efforts.
    • Slettvoll`s suppliers have signed our Code of Conduct.
    • Textiles and all other material used in the production is regulated through an EU regulation, REACH.; “Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals”.
    • We are Grønt Punkt certified, which means we recycle our packaging according to the requirements of the government.
    • Slettvoll operates a chain in addition to production and manages 19 stores. This removes an intermediary, meaning we coordinate all products from the factory to our stores.