Reporting & communicating improvements

In January of 2020, we hosted a sustainability event at our store in Ålesund, announcing our commitment to the SDGs, as well as presenting the specific goals we focus on.

There is little information to be found with regards to Slettvoll and sustainability. However, we want this to be communicated through our homepage, as well as on the furniture. The company home page is a good channel to use when communicating our sustainability efforts and goals moving forward. Currently we are working on a communication strategy to communicate sustainability in social media. We have gathered 8 main focus areas that we will match with detailed photos we have taken to emphasis our work on sustainability.

Another opportunity is to publish our EPDs, on EPD Norway, see - In this way companies can select the most environmentally friendly furniture.

In addition, when becoming certified with Miljøfyrtårn, a possibility is to show the results through our company website, communicating it both internally and externally. For more information on Miljøfyrtårn see: