Webinar 4 2021: Indicators and Sustainability

Welcome to a new webinar from BH4S!

Tune in on Wednesday, May 5th at 12 PM to learn more about indicators and sustainability!

We will discuss how organizational changes can push changes on a societal level, and look into useful tools for decision-making.

Joel Mills from Ocean Simulator Centre (OSC) will join us, and give a presentation on how a Digital Twin can be a useful tool in the global transition towards sustainability. He will give examples from cities using the UN KPIs system, showing how emerging technologies can catalyze the changes which allow us to achieve the SDGs in time. In addition, Marielle Furnes Mannseth from United Future Lab Norway will give a presentation on how the KPIs can serve as a knowledge foundation to solve global challenges, and even for creating new business opportunities.

The webinar is free, and will be held on ZOOM.